Number of Filipino – American
investors are still considering
buying property in the Philippines.

One reason is that market
analysts still consider the country
as standing on solid economic
ground, with the property sector
still undervalued compared to
surrounding countries like China,
Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore
and Thailand.

More importantly, frequent
travelers to the Philippines know
the real score. Most areas of the
country are relatively safe. Thus,
the overseas Filipino is always on
the lookout for the widest choice
of properties in as many areas as
possible in the Philippines – either
for retirement, investment or to
upgrade the homes of their loved
ones back home.

Jeco Construction  is now
targeting the Fil-Am community,
which has recognized the wisdom
of purchasing real properties in
the Philippines.

Something for everyone

With dual citizenship, Fil-Ams are
no longer limited in the types of
real property they can own in
their homeland.  Jeco
Construction has made sure that
they can come home to a prois no
place like home.  And where
homes are concerned, there is no
Filipino company with a record of
success like Jeco Construction.

Broad market

Indeed, Jeco Construction
recognizes that there are many
kinds of Filipinos and Fil-Ams
living and working in the
U.S and other countries

But their common link is that they
still want to have a place in the
Philippines they can call home.

Some of our kababayans may
simply want a place where they
can retire after having lived
abroad for 20 years or more.  
Some just visit the Philippines
often and therefore need some
kind of halfway house.  Others
seek properties that they can
invest in.  Yet others want to
upgrade the housing of their loved
Office Address :
819 Antonio
Maceda St
  Sampaloc, Manila
Homes and home purchases. To many a home is their place to hang their hat - the
basis of their identities and even ego. Too many a person has “fallen in love” with a
property , completed the purchase only to find that they did not check out their
purchase fully before signing or even receiving their mortgage or first municipal or
city tax bill.

Buying a home is both a very important, crucial and often stressful time. Make your
life easy. Why make trouble for yourself and your immediate family. An ounce of
prevention is worth many tons of cure ” let alone having to deal with lawyers and
their costs. Ensure that you do all you can to avoid trouble before ” not after the
home sale when the chickens come home to roost. Prepare and plan ahead by
mapping and preparing your financial resources necessary for your home real estate

Having a home buyers checklist in place can really help you to keep on top of
things. Remember this is a time of your life when important things can often be
forgotten and can go on to make a big difference in both the purchase and the
purchase price.

Plan your list , and work your plan. Whether your list is on a simple piece of paper
in your pocket or in your personal Blackberry or laptop computer. Just work down
your property purchase check out and check through list. To many there is nothing
better or even more fun than “checking off items off your list”.

There are many things that should be covered on your home buying checklist. With
your home buying checklist you should make a list of all the things that have to be
covered and the jobs that need to be done, and also have a separate column where
you can either tick off when the area has been covered or make notes if necessary.
This will enable you to keep better track of the areas on your list, and you can make
sure that you keep on the many things that you have done and looked into when it
comes to purchasing your home.

If you do not have the cash you cannot complete your purchase never mind how
much you are in love with and must have that house , vacation property or other
form of solid equity real estate. Start with the money and your budget first. How
much can you really afford ? What is your upper maximum limit. Many check out
their credit report before applying for a mortgage. This way you are almost pre-
approved or at least you know what the potholes are in the road or street to your
new home or other chattel is or are. Next after applying for a mortgage , loan or
other form of credit determine what amenities your require . This way when you
look into various geographic areas and locales you can quickly run through your list
and cross off no shows. It may be about location , location and location yet you
have to live somewhere where you are both comfortable and well served. And in
addition be far away from your mother in law.

These are the financial checklist items that you should prepare before house and
home hunting.
Incoming Project :   

The Dos Castillas Condotel

12-Storey Residential Building
Contract Project : Construction of 3-Storey Residential Building,
Josefina St., Sampaloc, Manila